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Classification of battery clips

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The battery clamp is a kind of electrode clamp, which is generally used in automobiles and is an important automobile accessory. Generally, the battery clamp is used when the car cannot be started when the car is out of power. It can be connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery when in use.
      The battery clamps are mainly divided into wire-loaded battery clamps, barrel-type battery clamps, card-type battery clamps, etc., so let me introduce them one by one.
      Cylindrical battery clip
      The barrel-shaped battery clamp is the connection part of the battery cable and the battery clamp to transmit power by the cylinder. Its principle is that the copper wire is inserted into the battery clamp cylinder, and the screw on the battery clamp cylinder is tightened, and the battery is locked and locked by the force of the screw. Line.
      Card type battery clip
      The card-type battery clip is divided into copper and aluminum. There is a stamped battery clip accessory on one side of the battery clip. Two screws are used to squeeze the copper wire of the car power cord inside. The advantage is that the tail of the battery cable is not required. , The cable tail can also be installed on the screw used to fasten the battery clip, it is very convenient to use, suitable for the battery wire connection of various vehicles
      Wire-loaded battery clip
      The wire-carrying battery clip is cast on the battery clip by a wire-carrying wire. There is a double-ear nut for fastening the end of the battery cable (some people call it a battery clip with ears). It does not require a wrench to install the battery cable. It can be tightened directly by hand and is a very easy-to-operate battery clamp.

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