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A. Service hotline
Telephone: 0577-65022333 Fax: 0577-65579333
Mobile phone: 13967733367

B. Service commitment
1. Guarantee to provide users with good pre-sales and after-sales services, introduce product performance and usage requirements for users, and provide relevant information before ordering.
2. Technical training for user needs, quality tracking and user visits to users, timely improvement of product performance according to user needs, and continuous improvement of product quality.
3. After receiving the user's request to solve the problem in the use of the product, the company will make a preliminary response in a short time, and the major problem will be solved on the spot.
4. The equipment and products supporting the project are guaranteed to be delivered in accordance with the requirements of the contract. For those who need technical services, professional technical service personnel will be sent to participate in the unpacking acceptance and guide the installation and commissioning work until the equipment operates normally.

C. Instructions for returning the maintenance machine to the factory for maintenance
Except as stipulated in the contract, the customer shall bear the round-trip transportation costs in the following situations:
1. Not covered by the warranty.
2. It is not due to our products that need to be returned to the factory for repackaging.
3. It is out of warranty, but can be repaired free of charge after application.
4. Within the scope of the warranty, but without consulting with our company, the direct express delivery is returned to the factory.


Reliable product service

  • Provide technical support to customers; accept, coordinate, and handle customer complaints, and solve customer difficult problems.

  • So that every customer can get satisfactory service and maintain a good relationship of trust with the company, we emphasize the pertinence and effectiveness of customer service.

  • The acceptance system has been implemented, that is, responsible for every call and every problem of the customer, so as to enhance mutual affection and deepen understanding.

  • If you have any comments or suggestions on our services, you are welcome to communicate with us at any time, and we will do our best to serve you wholeheartedly.

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