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How to judge the quality of the battery clamp

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Many people are attracted by the low price of the battery clip when they buy the battery clip, and then because of the "impulse", they buy a low-quality battery clip. When we are buying battery clips, how do we distinguish their quality?
      Take a look at the materials: good clips use H62 brass with a thickness of 0.8mm, with tight meshing between teeth; bad clips use 0.3mm iron sheet.
      Second, look at the coating: the metal surface of a good clip is chrome-plated (bright); a bad clip is generally galvanized (darker).
      Three-comparison feel: Good clips have moderate elasticity, not crooked or twisted; bad clips, sheaths and clips often slip.
      Four look at the sheath: The sheath used for good clips is generally PA nylon, PTFE, which is insulated, wear-resistant and tough; rotten clips are ordinary plastics or recycled waste materials, and there is no guarantee for durability and safety.
      Five look at the price: good clips are generally more expensive because they are genuine materials, and bad clips are mostly attractive at low prices, and most of them are thrown away directly.
      Therefore, when choosing a battery clip, you should focus on several aspects. Of course, if you see a battery clip on the Internet and buy in large quantities, let the other party send samples. Meister is a professional manufacturer of battery clips.

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